The SPRING OF LIFE Spring Water Company harvests Florida's finest tasting spring water from  natural, water-filled caverns deep within the Floridan aquifer in Central Florida. Our source is located under a lush hammock that was once a winter camping ground of the Timucuan Indians, the "People of the Sun". More recently, in the early 1900's, our location was a popular recreational destination for picnicking, fishing, and swimming in the pristine, crystal clear water of nearby Gourd Neck Spring.
Today, this extraordinary and naturally healthful sodium-free spring water is quickly carried by dedicated stainless steel tankers directly from its source to spring water bottlers.  For those in search of the pure spring water bottled under your private label, we will be happy to refer you to quality bottling companies associated with Spring of Life.

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SPRING OF LIFE Spring Water Company is conveniently located near the geographic center of the state, just south of the small town of Montverde, near the intersection of Florida's Turnpike and State Highway 50, about 20 miles west of Orlando.  See MAP.

  • Address:
    15518 County Road 455, Montverde, Florida 34756
  • Mail Address:
    P.O. Box 560010, Montverde, Florida 34756
  • TEL: (407) 469-3003
  • FAX: (407) 469-3098
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